Youth Crimes

Canadian Youth Crimes Lawyers

Young Persons under the age of 18 (and over the age of 11) are charged pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act for criminal or drug related offences. While serious violent crimes will result in custodial sentences, many offences that would result in custody for an adult result in lesser punishment such as probation for a youth.

The criminal justice system for youths is separate from that of adults based on the principle of diminished moral blameworthiness due in part to youth’s reduced level of maturity.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act includes principles designed for young persons. These principles are to protect the public by holding the young person accountable for their actions but also emphasizing rehabilitation of the youth and reintegration into society.

Extrajudicial Measures for a Young Person

Extrajudicial Measures (diversion) are used where it is deemed adequate to hold a young person accountable for his/her offending behaviour particularly where the young person does not have a youth record and has not had extrajudicial measures in the past.

In certain cases warnings or cautions by the police or prosecutor to young persons are considered sufficient instead of starting or continuing judicial proceedings for less serious offences.

Youth Criminal Lawyer in Surrey and Vancouver

Stuart Lein has years of experience assisting youths and their parents and guiding them through the court process. Our goal is to ensure that your child’s future is not burdened by charges he/she faced as a youth.

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